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Awash in oil: Why the glut isn’t going anywhere

Why the oil price rut could last a lot longer than many think—and what that would mean for Canada

What it feels like to change a giant oil-sands truck tire

Find out what it takes to change a seven-metre-high tire on a heavy hauler stationed at an oil-sands facility near Fort McMurray in Alberta. This isn’t your basic tire-iron change.
Jodi Mowers

In the skilled trades, the future looks better than the present

The oil crash will have an impact on grads entering the workforce this year. Fortunately, the future isn’t all doom and gloom

The A to Z of the oil crash

The impact of the oil crisis is so widespread you’d need an encyclopedia to figure it all out. Well, we have one right here.
Canada’s PM Harper delivers a statement during a photo opportunity in Ottawa

Stephen Harper: Oil’s worst enemy

By trying to protect and promote the oil sector, the Harper government effectively shackled Canada’s pipelines in purgatory

Bigstone’s lost opportunity

A poor reserve in the oil sands, beside one of Alberta’s richest Aboriginal communities. Why Opportunity works and Bigstone doesn’t.
Stephen Harper Bob McLeod

N.W.T. leader Bob McLeod on pipelines and hybrid bears

The Northwest Territories government leader on his desire to build pipelines, court Chinese tourists and fight climate change at the same time.
Militant Islamist fighters take part in a military parade along the streets of northern Raqqa province

Give cheaper oil a chance

Beyond the economic case for ending America’s ban on exporting crude is a geopolitical one, writes Jason Kirby
Inside DTEK Ukraine’s Largest Private Coal And Energy Producer

Unloading on fossil fuels

Universities and other institutions are taking steps to rid their investment portfolios of companies that contribute to climate change
A Crude Oil train

How the pipeline backlash gave a boost to oil exports by rail

The anti-pipeline movement has led to a rail renaissance for crude oil