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Gilles Duceppe,

Election night’s biggest winners and losers

By its very nature, election day sees candidates fall into two camps: winners and losers. Here were the ten most significant or surprising ones.
Toronto Mayor Ford’s supporters await his arrival to “Ford Fest”, a party held by the Ford family where the public is invited, at Thomson Memorial Park in Toronto

Toronto election: The vote without a moral core

The choice between Tory, Chow and Ford is no choice at all in an election that was all sound and fury, signifying nothing
Ford Substance Chow 3

Olivia Chow’s last-ditch commuter pitch

The latest pamphlet floating around Toronto subways
Rob Ford

Poll has Doug Ford in hunt for Toronto mayoralty

Even doubters must admit nine points in a week could be more than a dead-cat bounce
Volunteers await the start of the Toronto Mayor Rob Ford campaign launch party in Toronto

Video: The latest polls and news on the Toronto election

A new poll puts John Tory well ahead in the mayor’s race

The world’s worst debate in one word? ’Shumbling.’

Ivor Tossell on fear and loathing, cynicism and untruths, on the road to city hall
Chow 300×300

Video: The latest on the race for mayor in Toronto

Updates: With Rob Ford still in hospital, Olivia Chow takes on John Tory
Toronto Mayor Ford runs from cameras after exiting an executive council meeting in Toronto

Where will Rob Ford’s votes go?

Ford’s illness will change the mayoral race, but not how you think
Toronto’s Union Station

Toronto mayoral race: Battle of the subways

Who has the best vision for public transit?
Rob Ford, John Tory, David Soknacki

Five takeaways from Toronto’s mayoral debate

Tuesday’s surprisingly telling debate in the heart of Ford Nation provided clearer insight than ever before into the race’s five major candidates