omnibus legislation


C-59: How can Parliament justify passing this bill?

The NDP wants hearings and the file has been sent to the OPP, so what will Parliament do with the controversial provisions of C-59, the latest budget bill?
Aaron Wherry

Another omnibus budget bill and a test of Parliament’s will

The information commissioner expresses serious concerns, to which Parliament might now shrug
House of Commons 20130327

The wrong way to prevent omnibus bills?

How to restrain your omnibus legislation
NDP MP Peter Stoffer

A very short bill to end the use of omnibus bills

Peter Stoffer tables an anti-omnibus bill
House of Commons 20130327

Just another omnibus budget bill passing the House

But hey, at least this one was subject to a single amendment
House of Commons 20130327

Twenty years of (expanding) budget bills

A numerical history of omnibus legislation
House of Commons 20130327

The omnibus question

Could something be done to limit omnibus legislation?
Jim Flaherty Stephen Harper

The first budget bill of 2014

Weighing in at 375 pages
Canada’s Finance Minister Jim Flaherty is applauded before delivering the federal budget in the House of Commons on Parliament Hill in Ottawa

The Flaherty era in budgeting

Omnibus legislation, the parliamentary budget officer and the Economic Action Plan