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Building and classroom safety measures in the Maanjiwe Nendamowinan building at the UofT Mississauga Campus (Nick Iwanyshyn/University of Toronto)

Can Canada’s universities survive COVID?

Fewer international students, half-full residences, shuttered food services and empty parking lots add up to devastating revenue losses. And public funding has fallen over the past decade. Universities are in for a reckoning.
University of Toronto downtown campus before it closed due to COVID-19. (Roberto Machado Noa/ Getty Images)

During the coronavirus, academics have found themselves in a crisis of their work

Rinaldo Walcott: After decades of pushback, the move to online teaching has been swift. It’s time for academics in the humanities and social sciences to step out of the virtual classroom and into the community.
Teen using laptop at home

Online University Programs in Canada: New options for students

Improved technologies make web-based courses more attractive than ever

Can a virtual prep course help you ace the MCAT?

This summer I’ll find out, and let you know.
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Less professor time doesn’t hurt: study

Statistics students perform as well in "blended" versions

Where did the prof go?

The debate over whether to put more lectures online
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Who needs a classroom?

Ontario Online Institute to pose challenges for students
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U.S. set to pioneer free online college courses

Plus, study finds that online learning beats face-to-face instruction