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Andrea Horwath’s election night speech: ’Change for the better’ — full transcript

The new leader of the official opposition told supporters that the NDP had ’won more seats than we have held in a generation’
Kathleen Wynne, Andrea Horwath, Doug Ford

2018 Ontario Election: Live Video from the NDP, PC and Liberal HQs

Watch the crowds gather live at all three of the major party headquarters as they wait for the 2018 Ontario Election results

Here are all of Doug Ford’s promises in Ontario election 2018

Voting day in Ontario has come and gone, and Doug Ford’s PCs have won a majority government. Here’s what they have planned—and what the opposition wants, too

Bob Rae responds: ’At some point, the lies have to be answered’

Opinion: Amid criticism on the campaign trail of his time as Ontario’s premier, Bob Rae defends the legacy of his NDP government

The Ontario PCs are running out of time to introduce Doug Ford

Opinion: The PCs were expected to sweep Ontario’s election—but now, polls show the NDP only growing its lead. Funny what Doug Ford’s lack of platform can do

B.C.’s chaotic post-election politics could be coming to Ontario

Opinion: After B.C.’s 2017 election, each of the two leading parties needed the support of a third, smaller party. Here’s what could happen if Ontario’s election produces that result
Ont Elxn Ford 20180519

A simple, no-fuss promise for Ontario politicians to help beer drinkers

Opinion: The Ontario election has become abuzz about how booze is sold. So why is every party leader ignoring the plan that wine and beer producers actually want?
Bob Rae 1990

Bob Rae’s rise and fall as Ontario’s first NDP premier, as told through Maclean’s archives

It’s been nearly 25 years since Bob Rae left office, yet his controversial tenure continues to loom over this year’s election campaign
Ont Elxn Debate 20180527

In the Ontario election, there’s a lot of change that’s hard to believe in

Opinion: The PCs’ Doug Ford and the NDP’s Andrea Horwath failed to distinguish themselves at the campaign’s last debate, as Ontarians seek a decent Liberal alternative
ON NDP Horwath

Why a simple math mistake (and Bob Rae) could cost the NDP the Ontario election

A $1.4 billion costing error would be embarrassing for any political party, but it could really hurt the Ontario NDP. Can Andrea Horwath shake off Bob Rae’s ghost?