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338Canada: How bad things are for Doug Ford

Philippe J. Fournier: If an election was held today, the deeply unpopular PCs would be tied with the still leaderless Liberals
PC Leader Doug Ford skips the Provincial Leaders debate hosted by the Black Community to campaign in Northern Ontario including this a rally attended by approximately 300 people at Cambrian College

Ontario PC government to halt minimum wage hike set to kick in next year

Labour Minister Laurie Scott says the minimum wage will remain at $14 an hour rather than rising to $15 an hour
ONT Elxn Wynne 20180607

Why Doug Ford’s Ontario PC government should grant the Liberals party status

Opinion: By winning only seven seats, the Ontario Liberals failed to qualify for official party status—but there’s a case for Doug Ford lending them a hand
Ontario Premier Elect Doug Ford holds post election media availability.

The existential crisis of Doug Ford: What does a modern conservative government look like?

Opinion: Doug Ford may be the next premier of Ontario, but it’s unclear if Fordism is wedded to the backbone of traditional conservative governing philosophies
Ontario Premier Candidate Doug Ford Attends Campaign Events Ahead Of Election

Doug Ford, Ontario’s next premier, holds his first post-election press conference — Full Video

PC leader Doug Ford spoke following last night’s victory and the PCs winning a majority government

Centrism is dead. Doug Ford’s victory in Ontario just proves it.

Opinion: ’One side supports clean water; the other side supports poison. The centrist’s solution is to meet in the middle. Everybody gets poisoned water.’
Doug Ford

Doug Ford begins his foolhardy, costly fight against carbon pricing in Ontario

Opinion: Now that the Ontario PCs have earned a majority mandate, Ford is set to see through his vow to scrap a ’carbon tax’ that isn’t a tax—and potentially sue the feds
Doug Ford

Renata Ford’s June surprise isn’t likely to hurt Doug Ford

Opinion: The response to an explosive revelation late in the 2011 federal campaign suggests that the lawsuit against Doug Ford might not harm his chances
Ont Elxn Ford 20180531

Donald Trump’s tariffs are bad for Canada—but they might be good for Doug Ford

Opinion: America’s trade war with Canada could shift the Ontario election’s narrative from the PC leader’s weaknesses to his strength—economic competitiveness
President Trump Signs “Right To Try” Act

If you vote for a reckless politician, you can’t claim to be a good person

Opinion: From Donald Trump to Doug Ford, a vote for a politician who deploys a harmful kind of right-wing populism isn’t just a civic duty that might have unforeseen consequences