organ donation

Bissoondial (right), a double cornea transplant recipient, hopes to demystify organ donation (Photograph by Chris Donovan)

Inside a campaign to boost organ donations in Scarborough

Though nine in 10 Canadians say they support organ donation, fewer than one in five has registered. A Scarborough, Ont. group is trying to make a difference—and it’s working.
Logan Boulet

Organ donor registrations spiked after the Humboldt tragedy, inspired by the "Logan effect"

Logan Boulet, who died in the Humboldt Broncos bus crash, had signed his organ donor card just weeks earlier. The story of the lives he helped through his donation spurred others to do the same across the country.

Did Eugene Melnyk jump the queue for a new liver?

Did Eugene Melnyk’s wealth and fame give him an unfair advantage? The answer is not as simple as it may appear, reports Michael Friscolanti
Helene Campbell

Is Hélène Campbell right about the organ donor crisis?

Part two in a series on life and death on the Internet
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Will sell organs for cash

Selling human organs is illegal, but would money be an incentive to get donors?
The sun rises behind the entrance sign to Facebook headquarters in Menlo Park before the company’s IPO launch,

Can Facebook really solve the organ donor crisis?

As the donor tool comes to Canada, Science-ish investigates

In conversation with Mike MacDonald

Canadian comedy legend on life in the fast lane, his hepatitis C diagnosis, and the miracle he is praying for
Facebook Organ Donor rotator

Can Facebook solve the organ donor crisis?

Science-ish looks at the evidence on what drives decisions to donate--and how social media might factor in
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Organ donation advocate recovering after double lung transplant

Hélène Campbell raised awareness of organ donation with a successful social media campaign
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When does life really end?

Dick Teresi on when and how the medical community decides someone is dead, and the possibility cadavers can feel pain