Paula Haddad, whose son died from opioids, outside a Boston courthouse in January 2019 (Suzanne Kreiter/The Boston Globe/Getty Images)

Empire of Pain: The billionaire Sackler family’s role in the opioid crisis

A much-anticipated book delves into the Sackler dynasty’s multi-billion-dollar pharmaceutical business and its staggering human cost
OxyContin 80 mg pills are shot in the studio on August 1, 2013.

Why people hooked on opioids, especially in the U.S., keep falling through the cracks

The author notes that the culture of pill-taking often takes hold in early life, when kids are prescribed drugs such as Adderall or Ritalin for ADHD
This Feb. 19, 2013 file photo shows OxyContin pills arranged for a photo at a pharmacy in Montpelier, Vt. The state of Montana is seeking a preliminary injunction to prevent the maker of the powerful painkiller OxyContin from marketing opioids to Montana prescribers, seeking to put the force of a court order behind Purdue Pharma's recent promise to end such marketing nationwide. (Toby Talbot/AP)

Health Canada plans to ’severely restrict’ opioid marketing as death toll mounts

The feds are even talking about criminal charges in future cases. But are they ready to crack down on drug promotion disguised as ’medical education’?
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A criminal investigation into opioid marketing would expose larger systemic rot

Demand for a probe into how OxyContin was promoted in Canada would also expose flaws in drug regulation and the tight relationship between industry and medicine. That’s why it’s needed
Medical Schools pills pharma free

Future doctors demand boundaries with Big Pharma

Medical schools address conflict-of-interest
2012 American Music Awards – Show

Good news, bad news

Toronto hosts the 100th Grey Cup and lunar phases have no effect on incidences of psychological problems
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The end of the dry reserve?

Aboriginal communities say decades-old bans on alcohol failed to curb abuse. Not everyone agrees.
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Tori Stafford’s story: a Canadian tragedy fit for Chekhov

The tale is as tragic as any in literature—and even more tragically, true
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Sufferers of chronic pain and the government’s war on OxyContin

Our understanding of severe pain is inadequate
teen smoking

Big drop in drug use among teens

Cigarette smoking plummets