How dairy farmer Bloyce Thompson became the real star of P.E.I.’s election

The farmer with a sense of humour, a knack for publicity and a love for cows (and cow photography) toppled the province’s former premier, Wade MacLauchlan.

Canada’s fight over ’where it all began’

P.E.I. is the birthplace of Confederation, right? Not so fast, argues New Brunswick, touching off an interprovincial squabble for the ages

Watching Duffy from Friendly Lane, P.E.I.

Duffy hasn’t been a recluse this summer nor unwelcome in Cavendish, where politics is a second religion and his trial looms large

What it feels like to go lobster fishing in P.E.I.

What it feels like to go lobster fishing in P.E.I.

What it feels like to drive in P.E.I. in winter and spring

From icy snow banks to grassy fields, this dashcam montage shows you what it’s like to drive along the same stretch of road in Charlottetown in both spring and winter.
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Teacher’s job fair cancelled

Recruiters didn’t show

Liberals win second straight majority on P.E.I.

Premier Robert Ghiz survives mid-campaign immigration scandal
Letting their guard down

Letting their guard down

Will and Kate adopt the island’s laid-back vibe—except when racing each other in dragon boats

Cocktails with Kate and Will

The royal couple invites a pliant press corps for a drink
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Trouble in ’paradise’

A man accused of killing his brother sparks the first murder investigation on the Island in five years