Notre Dame: Saving (and scanning) a monument to civilization

Matt Gurney: After 9/11, the U.S. began quietly surveying national monuments. In France, Notre Dame will benefit from similar, powerful tools of science and engineering.

Notre Dame is burning. And the pain we feel is worse because we all feel it

Scott Gilmore: The cathedral is not just a silhouette on the Parisian skyline, but a landmark in our own lives.

Terrorism and the new normal in Paris

Leah McLaren on the latest terror attack, and what it means in advance of France’s presidential election

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Having rented its name from the famous Paris landmark, the Louvre Abu Dhabi will open after a long wait and plenty of controversy

Hot air at the Paris climate summit

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Trudeau’s ISIS quagmire

While Canada’s allies renew their war on terror against Islamic State, the Liberals stick to a promise to withdraw our jets

‘All of France is suffering’

Parisians are clinging to the ideals of fraternité and liberté. Still, on the streets, there are fears of dangerous divisions and more trouble to come.

Why France’s ambassador can live with Trudeau’s plans

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Chart: A history of terror-related deaths and attacks in France

The death toll in the wake the Paris terror attacks was horrific—and historic.

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Mourning on the morning after in Paris

In the light of the day, Paris picks up the pieces, grieving quietly outside the restaurant where shots rang out

Extremism expert: ‘We shouldn’t be shocked’

A Q&A with expert Phil Gurski, a longtime analyst at Canada’s spy agency, on the allure of terrorist groups like ISIS