Students from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in

How American kids brought the gun reform fight to the streets of Washington

Isabela Barry lost her best friend in Parkland. How she and her classmates came to Washington to sing, rage and show America what change will look like.
Donald Trump

Why Donald Trump’s dramatic swing on gun control won’t last

Opinion: The President’s history and the nature of his base make it impossible to be hopeful about his feints toward gun control
Memorials at Stoneman Douglas High School as Students Return After Shooting

Mental health has almost nothing to do with the gun-control debate

Opinion: As America debates guns, people with mental illness—who already face more danger during health crises—risk becoming scapegoated
Teens For Gun Reform Hold Protest At The White House

Is this the beginning of the end of the NRA?

Scott Gilmore: After Parkland, NRA opponents are motivated and have the tools to mobilize. And for the first time, the gun lobby group is vulnerable.
School Shooting Florida

Another school shooting in America, and all the nonsense that will be said

Tabatha Southey: ’It’s not at all that America does not love her children. It’s just amazing the things that those with an addiction will defend’
Shooting At High School In Parkland, Florida Injures Multiple People

Florida school shooting: Charting the ’normalization’ of gun attacks on U.S. kids

Sandy Hook was supposed to be a turning point, leading to real gun control and a reduction in attacks on school children. Neither came to pass.

’Parkland’ gives J.F.K. back to the people

The assassination through the eyes of ordinary Americans
12 Years a Slave

The best of TIFF: 28 films, one festival

Film critic Brian. D. Johnson on his favourites of the fest
Missing image

The best-run city in Canada

Lean, debt-free, and offering great public services, Burnaby is a model for the country