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Qiniqtiryuaq (barge) above the Erebus site, wreck and divers visible.(Courtesy of Parks Canada)

The Franklin Expedition’s sunken artifacts slowly unlock the mysteries of the voyage

A wool mitten that survived in the frigid Arctic water and a hair brush with errant strands are two of the hundreds of artifacts unearthed by Parks Canada archaeologists—each of them a clue in a search for answers stretching back to 1845

Why is Ottawa trying to move Atlantic Canada’s artifacts to Quebec?

A cost-saving move by Parks Canada has everyone from mayors to archeologists fighting to keep their treasures out East

Donald Trump’s ancestral brothel gets a new lease on life

There wasn’t much left of the flesh-pot that Friedrich Trump built on the road to the Klondike. Parks Canada and a Yukon First Nation are changing that.

HMS Terror: How the final Franklin ship was found

From 2016: How one man’s efforts to build inroads with northern communities helped uncover the second of Sir John Franklin’s doomed ships

Unlocking the key to the Franklin mystery

As divers work their way down the wreck of HMS Erebus, they’ve found part of the ship’s wheel and a sword hilt among dozens of artifacts
Douglas Channel

Canada ranks last in marine protection

Infographic: How does the country compare when it comes to marine protected areas?
Peter Mansbridge

What exactly did Parks Canada secretly pay the CBC $65,000 for?

Jesse Brown on the broadcaster’s deal with the government agency
Vic Toews

The state of government communications in three acts

Behold the new era of open government