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Police face off with a protester against COVID-19 mandates, Feb. 18, 2022 in Ottawa. (Robert Bumsted/Associated Press)

Ottawa police move in on the protestors

Politics Insider for Feb. 18: The protests collapse; the House of Commons erupts; tensions rise even further in Ukraine
Architecture Chateau Laurier Controversy 20180605

The Chateau Laurier battle, and the risk of marring Ottawa’s historic core

In the Parliament Hill precinct, just about everything built, upgraded or repurposed demands scrutiny
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Farewell, for now, to Parliament’s Centre Block

As the building closes for renovations, Paul Wells looks back at what there is to love about the place and the events that left their mark on it

Why a federal #MeToo law won’t be enforced any time soon

Ottawa made a big show of taking on workplace harassment. But its new legislation is full of blanks and a year and a half from coming into force.
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MPs spend too much time on constituents’ problems—and they like it just fine

The Ottawa grind makes MPs feel ’hemmed in and scripted.’ They much prefer all the paperwork of constituency casework, says a new report

Canada’s most expensive House

After years of work costing $900 million, Parliament Hill’s neglected West Block gets its star turn—eventually
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After the death of Tory MP Gord Brown, parliamentarians console their seatmates

MPs remembered a colleague ’who died way too young.’ ’I don’t think there’s any greater tribute than to be universally well-liked in this place.’
Michael Ferguson

Today’s political partisanship is hurting Canada’s best and brightest

Opinion: Ian Capstick on how toxic partisanship—which led him to quit CBC’s high-profile Power and Politics panel—is affecting mental health in Ottawa
Left to right: Bardish Chagger, Karen Vecchio, Nikki Ashton, Patty Hajdu, Catherine McKenna, Marilyn Gladu, and Elizabeth May. (Photograph by Jessica Deeks)

Sexual harassment has long festered on the Hill. Now, female MPs from all parties are saying ‘enough’

From cabinet ministers to volunteers, dozens of women say sexual harassment and violence on Parliament Hill have gone unchecked for too long

Don’t blame MPs for their QP phone habits—blame our broken rules

Opinion: We should want our MPs to be engaged in the debate. But Canada’s parliamentary rules offer them little to no incentive to do so