Paul Crete


Let us now obsess over relatively minor events

A look at the ins and outs of tonight’s by-elections


Mitchel Raphael on the picture that took 20 years to get

Why the Ruby Dhalla story is not big in the Philippines, and how Bob Rae beat Ignatieff in the Parliamentarians of the Year awards

A moment to say nice things (II)

Question Period does not always lend itself to the most flattering impressions of our elected representatives—and the action itself is limiting, the majority of MPs not participating in any central way. It is not though without its redeeming moments or individuals. And so, as an entirely subjective addendum to our official awards, a pause in our usual programming to recognize a few of the least offensive.


Simple questions unanswered

The Bloc’s Paul Crete, questioning the Foreign Affairs Minister yesterday about the status of Omar Khadr. 


‘That is not where the debate lies’

With the official translation now posted, here is the exchange between the Bloc’s Paul Crete and Foreign Affairs Minister Lawrence Cannon, at committee last week, concerning Omar Khadr’s status as a child soldier.

MPs and chocolate fudge cheddar cheese!

The Dairy Farmers of Canada held a special reception at the Fairmont Château Laurier for their 75th anniversary. The farmers served chocolate fudge cheddar and other tasty goodies.


The Commons: ‘This is a joke’

What happened in the House when the debate shifted to Omar Khadr


Dewar v. Cannon

Kady referenced this yesterday in her report from the Foreign Affairs committee yesterday, but here is the full exchange between Foreign Affairs Minister Lawrence Cannon and the NDP’s Paul Dewar on what this government has or has not considered in regards to Omar Khadr.


Rae on Khadr

The shadow foreign affairs minister in an op-ed for the Post.


Ted Menzies will not be silenced

The lo-fi, but immensely helpful, appears to have been updated through the current sitting of Parliament.