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Brandon Rhéal Amyot, director with the Lakehead University Student Union, works on their computer at the Lakehead Universities Thunder Bay campus. (Photograph by David Jackson)

The pandemic has ramped up students’ money woes

There are no jobs. But there are bills to pay. And there are online classes to attend. Luckily, there are some lifelines.

How the pandemic blew my family budget

Brianna Bell: We bought a house, got a dog and are splurging on groceries. In these stressful pandemic times, maybe a little debt isn’t so bad.
Andrew Scheer

Are Canadians being left behind or benefiting from a thriving economy?

For this election, it’s both. There is evidence that people’s partisan identification changes the way they see changing economic conditions.
Vic Fedeli

13 ways the 2019 Ontario budget could affect your wallet

Doug Ford’s Conservatives offer tax credits for childcare, free booze at casinos and more.

Some Canadian universities are offering practical personal finance courses

U of T’s new class has seen enrolment triple in the year since its inception

Best budgeting apps for university students

Four apps to help save money—and one to help spend it
Milos Raonic

Milos Raonic explains interest rates

Recently the Bank of Canada raised interest rates. How will that impact you? Let pro tennis player Milos Raonic take a swing at explaining it.
Loonie 20140807

Ten things we learned about Canadians and their money

What we think about credit cards, taxing foreign home buyers and giving to charity
Statcan Household Debt 20161214

These are the most common myths about bankruptcy in Canada

When it comes to personal bankruptcy, Canadians have a lot of mistaken beliefs that need clearing up, writes insolvency expert Scott Terrio