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Canada Goose under fire over geese treatment in PETA video

Animal rights activist group PETA released footage of geese being roughly handled at a farm that supplies down to Canada Goose.

Gotcha! The vicious cycle of aggressive charities

How Canadian charities offer pre-emptive gifts to potential donors, and then follow up with a healthy dose of guilt
It’s a dog-eat-caviar world out there

The world is going to the dogs

Forget about life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Just treat us all like dogs.
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France and Quebec’s artificial controversy over halal meat

The lands of foie gras and puppy mills are suddenly horrified by animal slaughter
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When did crating your dog become a crime?

Leashes. Crates. Even doghouses. Suddenly they’re all evil. The debate over how to treat Fido is dividing pet owners.
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Why whales and dolphins should qualify as ’non-human people’

They can understand numbers and abstract concepts and have their own distinct culture and traditions
Pest control for vegans - It’s complicated

Pest control for vegans. (It’s complicated.)

Even de-fleaing a dog can be a problem. After all, "fleas are living beings, too."
Rupert Murdoch

The short, underwhelming history of pie-throwing

Hefty dry cleaning bills may be its greatest legacy

The Commons: Pledging allegiance

Canada may lack the romanticism of revolution. But 144 years into our national experiment, we get to lay some claim to Will and Kate.
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Medicine without animal research

Controversy over UBC experiments on monkeys