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How the B.C. Speaker should manage a messy House

Advice from former Commons Speaker Peter Milliken, who knows a thing or two about handling hung parliaments

Milliken gets the Order of the Aztec Eagle

Mexico’s Ambassador Francisco Barrio Terrazas presented the Decoration of the Mexican Order of the Aztec Eagle to former Speaker Peter Milliken. It is the highest award a non-Mexican can receive.  Milliken was lauded for helping to build relations between Canada and Mexico during his time as Speaker.

Mitchel Raphael on Mulcair’s fanboy and the Harper household’s new pet

Mitchel Raphael on Mulcair’s fanboy and the Harper household’s new pet

The Harpers are looking for a guinea pig and John Baird goes autograph hunting

Peter Milliken hung

Former Speaker Peter Milliken had his official portrait unveiled last week.


Elizabeth May knows the rules

In yesterday’s sketch, I suggested that Ms. May had violated the House’s prohibition against props when she held aloft a copy of the budget bill as she detailed her question of the government. Ms. May wrote me today to tell me I was wrong. Specifically she cites the following sentence in a footnote to the rules explained by the second edition of House of Commons Procedure and Practice.

Ted Menzies turns 60

A surprise 60th birthday party was held for Ted Menzies, minister of state for finance, at Ottawa’s hip restaurant Play.


Planted questions

In addition to the questions posed by opposition MPs each afternoon, a few spots are set aside each day for government MPs to ask questions. In theory, Conservative backbenchers might use these opportunities to perform their duty of holding the government to account. Instead they are generally used by the government side to lob friendly requests that ministers stand and expound on the greatness of the government’s efforts in some regard or another.


The impartial Speaker

Peter Milliken reflects on his time as Speaker.

Mitchel Raphael on Rae’s plans and the new Speaker’s muscle

Rae’s plans and the new Speaker’s muscle

A special performance by Raffi


Idea alert

From Peter Milliken’s conversation with John Geddes, the former Speaker suggests a possible punishment for unparliamentary behaviour.