Peter Penashue

MP Conviction Future 20141104

Stephen Harper’s most unfortunate appointments

Nearly a decade of appointing people to positions of power has left Stephen Harper with a number of unfortunate associations
Parliament Building

Au revoir (eventually), Diane Ablonczy

Another minister excuses herself and Marjory LeBreton prepares to exit too
Peter Penashue

Labrador accepts Peter Penashue’s resignation

One explanation for the Liberal victory: the return of a decent number of party members
Peter Penashue

Why are Labradorians so ungrateful?

Peter Penashue’s re-election campaign seems to be in trouble
Peter Penashue

Peter Penashue: Over-sharer

What project did he hold up?
Peter Penashue

Penashue likely to lose to Liberal in upcoming byelection: poll

Liberal candiate Yvonne Jones has voter support
Peter Penashue

The meaning of Peter Penashue

The stage is set for a fascinating by-election

The Commons: Stephen Harper is very sensitive

And Pierre Poilievre calls us all to a higher purpose

The Commons: Keystone XL and Peter Penashue are both great

Stephen Harper champions a pipeline and the former MP for Labrador