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The multiverse theory, explained

The term you’re hearing more frequently combines comic-book cinema with quantum mechanics
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Perimeter Public Lecture: A pioneering female physicist on discovering a new kind of star

Jocelyn Bell Burnell co-discovered pulsars—a huge advance for science—but her male supervisor got the Nobel. Watch her speak live—with special guests—on Oct. 25

Perimeter Public Lecture live: The blues of black holes

In this month’s Perimeter Public Lecture, Janna Levin discusses finding music in science, on May 3 at 7 PM ET
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Watch: Understanding the biggest physics discovery in decades

Scientists may have proven Einstein’s last unproven theory. Watch Perimeter Institute panel right here at 1pm ET to understand why this changes the game
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Ten steps to make Canada a leader in science

Rock-star physicist Lee Smolin writes a scientific to-do list for Justin Trudeau

Einstein’s beef with Schrodinger: Book review

A new book reveals the quarrels between the great scientist and his friend, Erwin Schrödinger, over quantum theory in physics
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Live from Waterloo: The future of the universe

Our live-stream of tonight’s Perimeter Public Lecture, bringing high science to the masses

Perimeter Institute and the crisis in modern physics

Neil Turok talks to Paul Wells about the ever-increasing complexity of theoretical physics
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What students are talking about today (November 13th edition)

A physics video, a lawsuit over a B+ and an unfunny Joker