Pittsburgh Penguins

President Trump Welcomes NHL Champion Pittsburgh Penguins To White House

The Penguins don’t have to defend their White House visit

Opinion: Outspoken athletes should be applauded for entering public debate, but they shouldn’t be punished for staying in their lane

Donald Trump and hockey’s new politics

One photo, less than 1,000 words: How hockey’s association with politics changed around the same time Trump’s did

The day the Penguins stood with Trump

Allen Abel reports from the White House on Trump hosting Henry Kissinger, a sheepish Sidney Crosby and the man who called the president a moron
Jonathan Toews

Why there’s no faking a playoff beard

It’s one of the last symbols of male solidarity
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How to put an end to headhunting in the NHL

The league remains dangerously ambiguous about the role of violence in hockey

Sidney Crosby and the NHL’s biggest headache

The Penguins superstar says the league isn’t doing enough to take head shots out of the game
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Newsmaker of the Year: Sidney Crosby

He had a country on its feet
Habs knock out Penguins in Game 7 (11 of 11)

The Habs: Giant-Killers

PHOTOS from the Montreal Canadiens’ stunning Game 7 defeat of the Pittsburgh Penguins
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Canada’s Olympians: Sidney Crosby, Ice hockey

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