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Why embracing our inner polygamist is good for marriage

This book explores what humans have won, and lost, with the decline of polygamy
Winston Blackmore

Feminists call for decriminalization of polygamy

Prosecutors in British Columbia are taking another go at prosecuting Bountiful leaders for polygamy.
Mohammad Shafia

How to immigrate to Canada if you’re a polygamist

We don’t approve, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get in

When a polygamist cheats

The Canada Revenue Agency succeeds where the police and province failed against Winston Blackmore
Controversial B.C. polygamous leader seeks special tax status

The polygamy tax break

Winston Blackmore says his "congregation" is eligible for special tax status
Winston Blackmore

A confused judicial treatise on polygamy

The fear that lifting the prohibition of polygamy will result in a surge of polygamous marriages is absurd
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B.C. judge upholds polygamy ban

Supreme Court says law shouldn’t criminalize minors

On polygamy, child brides and why the stakes in B.C. are so high

Carolyn Jessop in conversation with Luiza Ch. Savage
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This week: Newsmakers

Prince Andrew’s friends in all the wrong places, Natalie Portman just can’t win, and adios, Glenn Beck?
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Bountiful women defend polygamy

Women say plural marriage is their decision