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Dollar Markets 20160104

A surefire made-in-Canada way to lose $650 billion

Here’s a stock tip Valeant investors should have heeded: If a company that’s not a bank becomes the largest in Canada, run!

We mean it about the F-35s. Except when we don’t

Paul Wells on Stephen Harper’s recent reversals
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Why Canada has nothing to fear but itself

Those old Canadian devils—fear of foreigners, a vacuum of national leadership, petty provincialism—are conspiring to rob us
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Where’s the harm in selling potash?

COYNE: Why we need fundamental reforms to our foreign investment laws
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Spreading political fertilizer

In opposing the Potash Corp. takeover, is the province protecting Canada’s interests, or its own bottom line?

What is the Harper government’s policy on foreign investment?

Tony Clement’s decision on Potash Corp. looks to have been improvised
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Student unions fret over potash deal

BHP takeover could cost the Sask treasury as much as $6 billion
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Hot commodity

BHP’s bid to buy Potash Corp. has put the global spotlight on Saskatchewan’s business potential
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Foreign ownership: why sometimes it’s best just to let go

COYNE: A willingness to cash in shows a focus, not on past glories, but on future opportunities