Preston Manning

Manning at a panel in Edmonton, December 3, 2019. (Jason Franson/The Canadian Press)

Preston Manning tries to calm CPC waters

Politics Insider for April 29: CPC policies; Doug Ford releases a pre-election budget

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John Geddes: The Tory leader’s formative years, and the exiting MP’s rise to prominence, foreshadowed today’s acrimonious split
Peter Harder, Larry Smith

The secret shame of the Canadian senator

Scott Gilmore: Senators are unaccountable nobodies, and it is impossible to imagine they don’t see they’re part of an undemocratic charade
Andrew Scheer. (Chris Roussakis)

Andrew Scheer, the Conservative Party’s folksy unifier

The aw-shucks demeanour of the new leader of the opposition and the federal Tories belies his complexity, and maybe his electability, too

Maclean’s on the Hill: Manning 2017, refugees, power rankings

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Preston Manning

Q&A: Preston Manning on Canadian populism in the age of Trump

At his major convention of Canada’s right, Preston Manning says today’s populism should be harnessed, not denounced
Preston Manning

As the party veers right, Preston Manning takes centre stage

Kady O’Malley recaps Friday morning at the Manning Centre Conference, including two major keynotes

An open letter to Jeffrey Simpson

Jennifer Robson responds to the Globe and Mail columnist’s charge against Carleton University’s Masters of Political Management
Pierre Trudeau and Justin Trudeau

In all thy kids command: Canada’s political families

While they’re not as famous (nor successful) as in the U.S., there is no shortage of political families in Canada
Preston Manning

Preston Manning on the state of conservatism

The founder of the Manning Centre discusses key issues in this election year