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What we can learn from Prince, the star who vanished too soon

The polymathic artist’s first posthumous studio album releases this summer. Recorded in 2010, it remains ahead of its time.

Why a new tell-all from Prince’s ex-wife isn’t a sordid cash-in

While a new book by Mayte Garcia offers revelations into the enigmatic Prince, it is also a complex consideration of privacy

Lots of celebrities died in 2016. But 2017 won’t get any better.

While the data does suggest 2016 was an outlier, there are plenty of reasons big-name deaths will only continue in the years ahead
Prince Live In LA

Paul Wells on Prince: A talent for genius

Virtuosic, inventive, and relentlessly prolific, Prince couldn’t help himself from creating music, and we’re all the better for it
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How Prince, rock’s effortlessly dangerous star, changed the game

Remembering the life and times of Prince, and why the loss of this iconic musician, at the age of 57, is so momentous

Why the 2007 Super Bowl was an act of peak Prince

He was two decades removed from the height of his powers, but the 2007 Super Bowl halftime show may have been Prince at his Prince-iest

Maclean’s archives: Prince’s new lease on funk

In 2004, Shanda Deziel interviewed Prince about homecoming, monogamy, love, and his music industry revolution
Prince Performs With Liv Warfield and NPG Horns

Hey Prince: No ’Baltimore’ in Toronto? Really?

’Baltimore’ seemed to herald a new Purple reign of edgy politics AND great hooks. Was it a flash in the pan?
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The inside story of Purple Rain: Book review

Although an undeniably dated film, Purple Rain retains the best thing it depicts: Prince’s status as one of the planet’s finest live acts
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Prince is hungry for both religion and sex in Touré’s reverent new biography

Our review of a new book about pop music’s hypersexual icon of diversity