Iraq, Yazidi

The real faces of ISIS: Sally Armstrong reports from Iraq

In a prison in northern Iraq, captured ISIS soldiers discuss their crimes and what drove them to their murderous ideology
Llewyn Davis 445×290

The 10 best films of 2013

Brian D. Johnson picks the flicks to watch over the holidays

12 Years a Slave voted most popular film at TIFF 2013

The winners, the pleasers, plus Brian D. Johnson’s hot list
12 Years a Slave

The best of TIFF: 28 films, one festival

Film critic Brian. D. Johnson on his favourites of the fest

The buzz list: TIFF 2013

’Gravity’ and ’12 Years A Slave’ top BDJ’s list the festival’s most hotly anticipated movies
Jesse Eisenberg

Seeing double at TIFF 2013

Doppelgängers and duplicates abound in this year’s line-up -- in more ways than one
Welcome to prison email, hot chick

Welcome to prison email, hot chick

Email allows inmates who have never written much more than a bad cheque or dodgy prescription to keep in touch with the outside world