The centre block of the future HMCS Max Bernays sits at the Irving Shipbuilding facility in Halifax on Jan. 22, 2021 (CP/Andrew Vaughan)

It’s time to ban the buying of made-in-Canada warships

Scott Gilmore: Decades of waste and failure prove Canada is simply incapable of building ships for our navy. There’s only one way to end the insanity once and for all.
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The feds really want a procurement win

But the government won’t get much credit until a big purchase goes right
The flying Duke

Today’s headlines: When will Canada buy new helicopters?

The nearly elderly fleet of Sea Kings really just wants to retire
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The PBO and the ships

More questions about another procurement

The Commons: There must be something here to disagree about

The opposition pounces on the "fairness" with which the government issued its shipbuilding contracts