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This isolation-induced laziness is a privilege. Take it while you can.

Rachel Jansen: With COVID-19 grinding the economy to a halt, it seemed strange to me that we were still so invested in the idea of productivity, especially since the world we’re living in now affords some of us time to slow down

Canada is lagging on innovation—and the Liberals aren’t helping

Opinion: Ottawa’s activist, government-centric approach won’t change Canada’s struggles around innovation or productivity
Katrina Onstad. (Joanna Haughton)

How the weekend has disappeared and why we need to take it back

Some Swedish towns are experimenting with a six-hour work day, and France just passed legislation that enshrines the ’right to disconnect’ in the evening and on weekends
Navdeep Bains

Too much innovation talk can be a bad thing

The Trudeau government says it’s focussed on an innovation agenda. But what does that even mean?

How to fix Canada’s innovation conundrum

Start by removing some of the policies that shield Canadian companies from competition and give them less incentive to innovate
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Brain hacks for better productivity

Apps and to-do lists aren’t enough: What the making of Frozen can teach us about productivity

Working hard, hardly working

Our obsession with putting in long hours on the job doesn’t mean we’re actually getting much done

When you can’t do your job

Red tape. Outdated technology. Incessent distractions. The office is full of barriers to productivity. How Canada’s best employers are overcoming them

The case of the shrinking productivity gap

Paul Boothe and Mikayla Johnson take on an exercise in statistical sleuthing around the productivity gap.
Stephen Gordon

Looking for the root causes of inequality in all the wrong places

Why the wage-productivity ’disconnect’ does not explain increased inequality