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Patrick Chan’s comeback

He’s perfected the quad, is injury free, and has a new attitude. Next up: world domination
Mike Holmes

Mike Holmes wants to fix the world

And he figures he’s got just 13 years left
Cory Monteith

In conversation with Glee’s Cory Monteith

The Victoria native went from dropout to teen idol
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Who is the real Omar Khadr?

Murdering jihadist, victim of circumstance or model-citizen-in-the-making?
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Ben Johnson: from Seoul to Soul

The former sprinter looks to his past lives to explain his present one
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Mordecai’s last words

Biographer Charles Foran on finding notes and scenes for the novel Mordecai Richler did not live to finish
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Georges St. Pierre: Lord of the ring

Can a smart, sharply dressed Canadian bring ultimate fighting into the mainstream?
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The great big helmsman

The grandson of Mao Zedong is rising through the military ranks. So why can’t he get any respect?
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Angelina Jolie: a biographer’s nightmare

Andrew Morton, author of a new Angelina Jolie book, is just trying to help her
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Can Mel Gibson’s career bounce back?

This time it’s Beyond Blunderdome