prostate cancer

movember top 10

This time of year, I feel like a guy

#Movember is about more than just charity
Prostate What To Do

Will cancer screening actually save your life?

Science-ish looks at the evidence on PSA testing, mammograms and the true benefits of screening
dan hill-FI

Dan Hill tells all

The singer-songwriter’s candid and moving account of prostate cancer, along with a video interview and new song—for your iPad

Are men with prostate cancer “privileged”?

Anti-Movember editorial is offensive and just plain wrong
Jack Layton’s casket

Layton: the final enigma

Eventually, Canada will begin to oblige men in Layton’s position to be excruciatingly forthright about their health
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Finger length is a clue to prostate cancer risk

Men whose index finger is longer than ring finger are less likely to develop it
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A coffee-table book with benefits

Plus, a second opinion about prostate cancer, homeless soccer stars, a chilling Holocaust detective story, a new novel from the author of ‘A History of Love,’ and what the Bible says about sex