Chrystia Freeland’s most important sparring partner isn’t Donald Trump

The U.S. president says he doesn’t like Canada’s foreign minister, but the more interesting dynamic is the contrast between Freeland and Robert Lighthizer, Trump’s trade czar
Stephen Poloz

For the record: Stephen Poloz on Canadian economic openness

The Bank of Canada governor outlines the historic case for Canada’s openness to trade, investment and people

What Donald Trump and ’buy American’ means for Canada

Trade experts explore what’s worrying Canadian companies that sell into the United States
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TMX-LSE: merger impossible?

Political fears and a divided Bay Street could leave the Toronto and London exchanges in the cold

Hard right? Hardly

Paul Wells says social conservatism is on the rise; Andrew Coyne disagrees
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Canada’s biggest problem? America

From protectionist policy to border security to environmental laws, our best friend is making our lives miserable
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Nortel and the Avro Arrow myth

Andrew Coyne on the weakest part of RIM’s case

An interview with Finance Minister Jim Flaherty

On budget promises and whether the Tories can survive after governing through a punishing economic downturn

Flaherty reluctant to counter U.S. pulp mill subsidy with Canadian payments

Canadian mills say they can’t survive without help from the feds