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Canadian food insecurity by the numbers

A look at some of the staggering statistics behind the national crisis

A FedEx worker scans a shipment of the Moderna COVID‑19 vaccine at Pearson International Airport in Toronto on March 24, 2021 (Nathan Denette/CP)

Canada’s public health data meltdown

When needed the most, the systems that track health and vaccines were a scattered mess. How Canada went from a world leader in public health technology to laggard.

Horacio Arruda, Quebec director of National Public Health responds to reporters during a news conference on the COVID-19 pandemic, Tuesday, March 31, 2020 at the legislature in Quebec City. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Jacques Boissinot

Our heroes in the time of coronavirus—and the pedestal we’re putting them on

Marie-Danielle Smith: ‘Arruda matata’ is but one variation on a theme. The stars of head doctors in British Columbia, Alberta and other provinces are also rising. But the diversion is not problem-free.

A virologist at France's Pasteur Institute looks at COVID-19-infected cells using an electron microscope (Sylvain Lefevre/Getty Images)

Coronavirus: What it is, how it spreads, who’s at risk

Answers to questions about COVID-19, the virus claiming lives and disrupting human activity around the planet

Coronavirus latest news: Sophie Trudeau is in quarantine, Parliament shuts down and Trump declares a national emergency

An Ottawa hospital has opened the country’s first drive-through test site, but the Prime Minister won’t get a test for COVID-19 until his doctors tell him to. The worldwide death toll has now surpassed 5,000.

Coronavirus: The worst-case scenario

Timothy Sly: If the virus is allowed to enter a population and circulate, some people will die, while the majority will acquire immunity, finally bringing the pandemic to a halt

The science of novel coronavirus

Timothy Sly: The basic reproductive number of coronavirus is 2.6. Here’s what that means.

Coronavirus: What Canadians need to know

We have updates and answers to key questions, as the first cases in Canada and mass quarantines in China fuel fears of a global outbreak

The climate crisis is our biggest public health threat

Jane Philpott and Samantha Green: To tackle a global climate catastrophe, we should study how society has successfully faced other health crises

Canada’s Food Guide: Ignoring it? Now’s the time to follow the rules.

Opinion: The latest guidelines are good for the environment, animal welfare and public health.

Teenager smoking a joint

Marijuana addiction is real, and teenage users are most at risk

In the rush to legalize marijuana in Canada, medical experts are warning about weed’s alarming side, particularly for younger users

Canada’s first safe injection site struggles with the rise of fentanyl

In Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside, at Ground Zero of the opioid crisis, once-controversial Insite is now just one small part of a tragic landscape