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Public sector workers took a record number of sick days last year

Expect the disparity between public and private sector sick leave to keep growing

How Alberta’s public sector salary disclosure could backfire

Knowing what everyone else in the public sector is earning is invaluable when bargaining for pay increases and starting salaries

American finds austerity (the charts)

The U.S. did not have to destroy its economy to accomplish this incredible fiscal improvement

The future of public-sector jobs

Today’s job seekers can’t always turn to the government for secure, highly paid work

The sick day scam

Costly sick-day banks and chronic absenteeism. It’s time to rein in this public sector perk.


10,980 fewer public sector jobs

The Harper government announces that it has eliminated 10,980 positions within the public sector in the last six months.


How to end needless labour strikes? Start with good faith negotiations.

Final offer arbitration may be the best option to deal with this year’s strife

Will it happen here?

Canada’s looming battle over labour

With contracts for half a million public sector workers to be negotiated this year, things could get very ugly


Big Society, big con?

PM David Cameron wants to remake Britain. Critics say his plan will end up destroying the United Kingdom.


Expect more Wisconsins

The battle lines over public sector wages and benefits are being drawn in the state of Wisconsin and there is every indication the outcome will be messy. At issue is how government employees affect public finances. Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker not only wishes to tackle this issue, but has gone a step further in wanting to permanently change how the state will conduct collective bargaining in the future.


Harper fattens federal bureaucracy

Are these Big Government Conservatives?


He’s only making the depression worse!

An anonymous correspondent at American culture weblog 2 Blowhards broadcasts monstrous untruths about Canada’s federal public service, which I’m sure some of the readers employed therein will wish to go rebut. (On their own time.)