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How one Ontario town used Uber to solve its public transit crisis

Opinion: Uber has already helped a small town move people from place to place. Can the ride-sharing service help bigger cities fight congestion?

Uber wants in to public transit. Cities should proceed with caution.

The ride sharing service’s new deal with Innisfil, Ont. points to its future-proofing strategy, but municipalities need to think hard before partnering up

The Tories on big-city transit: Buy support now, pay later

Harper has pledged more than $5 billion to urban rail projects. Forward-looking? The payment system sure is.

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Christy Clark’s transit referendum is an opportunity to do some civic homework

Will Metro Vancouver voters agree to higher taxes for transit?

Residents will vote this Spring on a new transit package, funded by a half point increase in the provincial sales tax

A better way to build public transit?

Start by asking how taxpayers are going to pay for it

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Zombies protest 17 per cent U-Pass increase


Paul Dewar goes urban (II)

Courtesy of the Dewar campaign, here are the other elements of the NDP leadership candidate’s urban agenda.

Cars stopped in traffic

Stuck in traffic

Our rush hours rank with the world’s worst. Andrew Coyne has the solution.


The complicating simplification

Bill Curry looks at the practice and impact of targeted tax credits.


What’s driving the car craze

Vehicles outnumber people in Saskatoon