public works


Joe Fontana charged

Former Liberal MP Joe Fontana, currently the mayor of London, has been charged by the RCMP in connection with a cheque used to pay for his son’s wedding reception.


The PBO and your right to know

Paul McLeod tries to wrap his head around the dispute between the Harper government and the Parliamentary Budget Officer.


Your region in power

The Canadian Press obtains the paper trail behind meetings Christian Paradis’ office organized for two businesses in his riding.


Spring break is over

The House doesn’t reconvene until Monday, but the public accounts committee will meet this afternoon to, presumably, launch its study of the F-35 procurement. The committee won’t hear from witnesses today, but might settle on a list of witnesses it wishes to hear from. The Liberals have identified ten individuals they’d like to hear from:

A farmer’s final stand

Frank Meyers and his family beg the federal government not to build a Special Forces training ground on their historic land


Towards the eject button

Whoever the next leader of the opposition is, he or she will apparently soon receive something of a gift from the auditor general.


Communicating like a bar fight

Jennifer Ditchburn connects the dots between Stephane Dion, Michael Ignatieff, the health care accord and oil exports.


Ottawa has no business plan behind pledge to consolidate IT networks

Lack of clarity on new agency puts promised savings in question

The Commons: Why so bashful?

Rona Ambrose delivers a lullaby of bafflegab in defense of cutbacks


The quiet cuts

Bill Curry reports on cuts at Public Works.


The information era

While the RCMP has been called in to investigate a former ministerial staffer, the information commissioner details the filing system at Public Works.


How many does it take to get a minister fired?

If the doctrine of ministerial accountability was still recognized by this government, it would be tempting right about now to ask how many members of a minister’s staff have to be implicated in wrongdoing before a minister is held accountable.