Quebec Liberals

Anglade waves to delegates before her opening speech, at the Quebec Liberal convention, on Nov. 26, 2021 in Quebec City (Jacques Boissinot/CP)

338Canada: The Quebec Liberals in free-fall

Philippe J. Fournier: The party could lose as many as 14 seats compared to its 2018 results, and be driven out of French-speaking Quebec

The return of the angry Quebec premier

Normally a picture of serenity, Philippe Couillard is losing his cool in the face of some surprisingly disciplined opposition

The PQ’s cycle of self-destruction is terrible for Quebec

The PQ seems less an opposition party than part and parcel of the Liberal Party’s re-election strategy

Why a former PQ minister shouldn’t scapegoat Quebec’s English voters

Yes, the Quebec Liberal party is a source of endless frustration. But the latest accusations blaming English voters are absurd.

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Why the PM would do well to reach out to the incoming Quebec premier

Outraged in Quebec? Wait 10 minutes–you’ll be outraged again

Martin Patriquin on a political pas de deux

What could be Philippe Couillard’s unfortunate legacy

Hint: it has nothing to do with Arthur Porter


Updated: Quebec Liberals want province to sign Constitution, at some point

MONTREAL – All three candidates vying for the Quebec Liberal leadership say they want the province to sign the Canadian Constitution, though not necessarily any time soon.

The legend of the delegated convention

They’re entertaining, but not quite as wild and crazy as you remember

Jean Charest’s buddies in bad times

While the corruption scandal rages on, Liberals can’t seem to get enough of their tainted former leader


Pierre Moreau to run for Quebec Liberal party leader

Former Transport Minister Pierre Moreau is set to announce his bid for Quebec’s Liberal Party on Monday morning.

PQ has lost monopoly over sovereignty

Québec Solidaire and Option Nationale won an amount of votes equal to 25 per cent of the PQ vote