Quebec mosque shooting


My encounters with CSIS

Ramz Aziz: CSIS arbitrary outreach to Muslim students does everything but identify risk factors for radicalization
CRIME Mosque Shooting 20180413

Mosque shooter shocked that victim he shot 7 times didn’t die

A fellow inmate says the shooter was livid seeing money being raised for the victim, the court hears
CRIME Mosque Shooting 20180413

Alexandre Bissonnette’s loved ones missed the signs. We can’t make that mistake again.

Opinion: A reformed white supremacist on how easy it is to disregard clues of radicalization—just as they were with the man who killed six in a Quebec City mosque

One family’s struggle, one year after the Quebec City mosque shooting

In the wake of last year’s mosque massacre, Yousseff and Mulka Cherif wonder if they are better off leaving Quebec altogether
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How has Quebec City changed, one year after a deadly mosque shooting?

Opinion: A city continues to mourn the death of six people at a Sainte-Foy mosque—and grapple with the issues that helped fuel the attack
Vigil for Quebec terror attack victims

A year later: The Quebec mosque massacre and rising Islamophobia

Opinion: If we are to make any progress, Canada and other countries must tackle the issues underlying the perception of Muslims in public consciousness
Canada’s PM Trudeau speaks during funeral ceremonies for three of the victims of the deadly shooting at the Quebec Islamic Cultural Centre, in Montreal

In Quebec City, a moment of painful truth

In the wake of the Ste-Foy attack, Quebec is forced to face a dark record of right-wing rhetoric and dog-whistle politics
Aftermath of Mosque mssacre in Ste-Foy, Quebec

’On ne vous oublieras jamais’: Quebec City mourns

Scenes of grief inside and outside the Centre Culturel Islamique De Quebec, struck by terror
Aftermath of Mosque mssacre in Ste-Foy, Quebec

We need to understand what ’Islamophobia’ really means

Canada needs to have a hard look at the hysteria about Muslims in this country. The way people use the word Islamophobia won’t make it easy.
Aftermath of Mosque mssacre in Ste-Foy, Quebec

Quebec City unites in tribute to shooting victims

Photographer Roger LeMoyne witnesses scenes of solidarity and resilience in a city rocked by a terror attack