Quebec Nordiques

Bidding adieu to a beloved Quebec hockey team

Meet the Quebec National, a fictional hockey team and the subject of a cult classic TV drama that has captivated Quebecois viewers since 1986.


Christian Paradis’ choice of lodging

Less than a week after he was scolded by the ethics commissioner for his dealings with Rahim Jaffer, it is revealed that Christian Paradis spent an optically questionable weekend hunting moose.

Canada’s new Olympic boss

Marcel Aubut, the Quebec heavyweight who lost the Nordiques, is aiming for gold

The most expensive game on earth

When it comes to extracting money from local governments, the NHL has it down to a science


Urban renewal

Jim Flaherty, today. “The government does not have a program to fund sports arenas for professional sports teams. We’re going to stay away from subsidizing professional sports.”


That’s a no, sort of

Transport Minister Chuck Strahl dismisses any use of gas tax revenues to fund an arena in Quebec City.


Someone call Larry Bertuzzi to sort this out

The Conservatives may or may not allow gas tax revenues to be used to build a hockey arena in Quebec City, but the mayor of Quebec City isn’t open to using the city’s gas tax funding to build that arena and he and Quebec Premier Jean Charest are now ready to go ahead without the federal government’s involvement. Regardless, the mayor of Edmonton is upset, the city of St. Catharines is interested and the city of Regina is befuddled.


How to fund an arena for a hypothetical NHL team without really doing so

Greg Weston previews the government’s next move.


‘We don’t want people building a building on our account’

Speaking over the weekend in Carolina, NHL commissioner Gary Bettman addresses the question of a team for Quebec City.


‘The door is not closed from the federal government’

The government decides it’s not quite ready to decide on the most important public policy question of our time.


Reports of Maxime Bernier’s changed mind were greatly exaggerated

The maverick from Beauce reassures everyone that he has not wavered in his maverickness.


‘A puck in the face for taxpayers’

Whatever has been said about federal funding for a hypothetical arena for a hypothetical NHL team—and whatever you make of whatever has been said—the government is apparently still thinking about it.