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Slaughterhouse Quebec, or, That’s a halal of a way to make a country

The Journal de Montréal website is this morning running footage of chicken heads being cut off. This is an excellent step up in verisimilitude for Quebecor, which had heretofore preferred chicken suits and anchors who act like chickens with their heads cut off. But already I digress.

‘The CBC continues to ignore our daily newspapers’

In letters obtained under access laws, Quebecor’s CEO scolds the CBC, even as he pleads for advertising dollars

Why the CBC should be more like HBO

Why the CBC should be more like HBO

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Hey Quebec City, ever get the feeling you’ve been cheated?

Winnipegers have a mighty comedown ahead of them when they finally see what the Thrashers look like on the ice, but kudos to them for having seemingly landed a reincarnation of the Jets without making fools of themselves in the process. Because that’s an apparently rare way to go about dealing with the NHL. In Quebec City, for instance, the Nordiques saga has officially crossed over to the surreal.

Sun News Network: Hard News. Straight Talk. Short Skirts.

Levant probably figured the door would burst open to reveal two censors and an angry sheik, but nothing


Membership would have its privileges

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