David Johnston: Thank you for an ‘extraordinary, humbling experience’

As his term ends, Canada’s Governor General writes about the Canadians who touched him—and why we need The Queen

Máxima of the Netherlands heralds a new era for royal Europe

The Netherlands will soon have its first king in 123 years. But it’s his queen that has people talking.

Why royals always travel with black clothes

On royal etiquette and mourning protocol


Gastroenteritis conquers Queen, sends her to hospital

For the first time in a decade, the Queen is in hospital, felled by a tummy bug. In its usual terse manner, Buckingham Palace announced:

David Cameron comes to Ottawa

The British PM channels Churchill in his first bilateral visit to Canada


Under Her Majesty’s watchful eye

John Baird redecorates the Foreign Affairs building.


‘A day of unity’

The prepared text of Prince William’s remarks on Parliament Hill.

The Commons: Pledging allegiance

Canada may lack the romanticism of revolution. But 144 years into our national experiment, we get to lay some claim to Will and Kate.


Queens in waiting

They are all European princesses—or engaged to their Prince Charming—but one stands alone as the queen of style


‘God bless Canada’

The text of the Queen’s remarks to the crowd on Parliament Hill this afternoon.

The Commons: Her Majesty goes to the museum

And looks “sternly” at a menacing wolverine inside


Really, Grits? You’re going to drag the Governor General into it?

Andrew Coyne on Ignatieff’s call to extend the GG’s term