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Ontario election 2018: Four decades of voter turnout in one chart

The voter turnout for Thursday’s election reached a nearly 20-year high. But the highest turnout was decades earlier.
Leaders of the provincial political parties scrum with media after the final leadership debate before the election at the CBC Building on Front Street

What happens if Kathleen Wynne and the Liberals only win one seat?

If polling is any indication, Kathleen Wynne and the Liberals may only retain a handful of seats — maybe even just one
Wynne Waterloo

Kathleen Wynne says she won’t be Ontario premier, urges voters to ensure an NDP or PC minority government

The Ontario Liberal leader said she won’t be premier after the June 7 election: "It’s not going to be a Liberal government."
young  woman got bad news with her smart phone

Your mobile will get an emergency warning this week, but don’t panic, it’s only a test

Think of this piece as a public service announcement preparing you for a public service announcement.

Super Blue Blood Moon 2018: Here’s when, where and how to watch it

Get ready for a lunar eclipse, a supermoon and a blue (blood) moon in unison—such an occurrence hasn’t happened in more than a century

Here are Maclean’s most-watched videos of 2017

From the year that was, these were our most popular videos of 2017

This chart shows how bread prices soared during the price-fixing scheme

Consumers were outraged to learn about the price fixing, but no one who shopped for bread in recent years was surprised to hear prices were pushed up

Bread price fixing scandal: Sobeys fires back at Loblaw and Galen Weston

In a letter to the Lobaw CEO, the head of Sobeys takes aim at his rival for what he suggests is a deliberate attempt to damage his company’s reputation and threatens legal action