Ralph Goodale

Ralph Goodale

Cannabis is legal. Now about those pardons for pot possession?

There is still no timeline for Canada’s plan to pardon people for simple pot possession. And even when it happens it won’t wipe records clean.
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The Liberals promised to fix the no-fly list. It’s still broken.

The federal government’s no-fly list still includes children who have been confused for potential terrorists—and those errors could soon be exacerbated

RCMP officer asks Trudeau to look into secret spying allegations

Sgt. Peter Merrifield was told by a veteran officer that he was a target in an RCMP investigation that may also have spied on journalists and lawyers

How to expel a Russian diplomat

Canada is removing four Russian diplomats in solidarity with the U.K. Here’s how Ottawa expels them—and makes sure they actually leave.
Ralph Goodale

Indian spies did it, and other Ottawa conspiracy theories

Terry Glavin: With the PM’s endorsement, a hackneyed and reckless Indian spy-story genre is suddenly flourishing in and around Ottawa

Canadian politics 2017: The year in 12 chapters

Morneau’s tax turmoil, two new opposition leaders, border-crossing refugees, Indigenous issues, and coping with a Diet Coke-chugging president
Ralph Goodale

What should Canada do about returning jihadists?

Arresting them all won’t work, says a leading expert who argues for ’reintegration’ into Canadian society
Photo illustration by Stephen Gregory and Heshmat Saberi;

Justin Trudeau’s mid-life crisis

After a series of stumbles and setbacks the Liberals have an ambitious but risky plan to break their slump and get back on track
Ralph Goodale

Canada’s counter-radicalization program has a problem

Ottawa has been searching for a coordinator to lead its office since 2015, and the odds of getting just the right person aren’t good

What Trudeau says his government has achieved in 2017 so far, annotated

From the politics of marijuana, to moving beyond talk on First Nations, big policy challenges remain