Ralph Klein


Alberta’s straight-talking, belligerent statesman launches his own era

Jen Gerson: Alberta has more than its fair share of political legends. Whether he’s hero or villain—and he’ll probably be both—Jason Kenney could be next.
Jason Kenney 300

Jason Kenney vies to become Ralph Klein, reincarnate

For the first time, Jason Kenney will leave a leader’s side to go to Alberta, where he’ll try to emulate a throwback premier

Some advice for ministers who say silly things

Former Alberta premier Ralph Klein was a master at throwing the shifter into reverse when he got stuck in the mud. It’s a lesson other ministers should heed.

Ralph Klein: Joker, smoker … trailblazer

MP Joan Crockatt explains why the plain-spoken premier of Alberta was anything but average

Ralph Klein, R.I.P.: the deceptive shape of a shadow

In the bustle of obituaries, Colby Cosh sets the record straight

Tributes to Ralph Klein: ’He could walk with kings and the common man’

Politicians from across Canada remember an original
Ralph Klein

Ralph Klein, 1942-2013

The former Alberta premier is mourned
Rob Ford

Rob Ford’s truth

On the allegations of drunkenness, the voters will decide
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A nasty history lesson for Alberta’s PC leader Alison Redford

What the embattled premier might have learned from Ralph Klein