Rapid-Fire Politics

Rapid-Fire Politics, Live: CETA, an economic update, and more

Watch Evan Solomon and John Geddes take your questions and discuss the week in politics—and tune in for a new time next week

Rapid-Fire Politics: Electoral reform, healthcare, and more

Watch a recap of Evan Solomon and John Geddes’ live weekly shop talk about the last week in politics

Evan Solomon on Justin Trudeau’s first year as PM

Anyone who says the Liberal government hasn’t accomplished anything in 12 months is wrong, says Evan Solomon, but Justin Trudeau’s looming challenges are enormous.

Rapid-Fire Politics, Live: Our politics insiders talk shop

Every week, Evan Solomon and John Geddes take your questions and discuss the week that was in politics. Watch the recap here

Evan Solomon: Get ready for a busy fall in Ottawa

Evan Solomon previews Parliament’s first week back since a summer break, when two opposition parties try to find their feet—and the government faces down a packed agenda.

Do attractive politicians have an electoral advantage?

Evan Solomon and John Geddes debate Kellie Leitch’s “anti-Canadian values” gambit, the Liberals’ interest in peace operations, and the value of an attractive politician.

Rapid-Fire Politics: Is peacekeeping a thing of the past?

Evan Solomon and John Geddes react to the federal announcement of funding for UN peace operations, which have shifted away from the kind of peacekeeping Canadians remember from decades past.

Rapid-Fire Politics: Jane Philpott, Brad Trost, and the Hip

Evan Solomon and John Geddes speed through the week’s political news, including the health minister’s pricey limo and a Tory MP’s social conservative leadership campaign. They also talk about the Tragically Hip’s final show.

Rapid-Fire Politics: In the aftermath of an elbowing

Evan Solomon and John Geddes on the opposition’s political reaction to Justin Trudeau’s behaviour in the House—and possible long-term consequences for the PM.

Rapid-Fire Politics: Manitoba election, PBO, and quantum questions

A busy few days in politics has sparked a special mid-week edition of Evan Solomon and John Geddes’s Rapid-Fire Politics video series

Rapid-Fire Politics: Provinces in the red and a tragedy in the north

Follow along with speedy punditry on a tough week for Rachel Notley and Attawapiskat

Rapid-Fire Politics: Loose lips and straight talk about leadership

Evan Solomon speaks to Tim Powers about the leadership of the NDP and Conservatives