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A horrible, horrible dream: Mike Duffy in The Trial of the Century

Week 10: It was a dream, Duffy kept telling himself. The kids in short pants set loose in ’Lord of the Flies’. But, dream or not, he was still running.

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Nicholas Köhler on a wild day from Courtroom 33, where Nigel Wright was pressed on how much Ray Novak, the PMO’s current chief of staff, knew
Ray Novak

The circle closes in around PMO chief of staff Ray Novak

The reported memory of one former PMO advisor suggests another chief of staff to the Prime Minister, Ray Novak, knew about a payment to Mike Duffy

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Making sense of the he said, she said, they said, who said

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With bonus tattoo-related anecdote
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And so suddenly Ray Novak is the Prime Minister’s chief of staff