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The Bachelorette: Brooks breaks Des’ heart

There are plenty of tears as this fairy-tale love story ends
Closing The Office Doors

Closing The Office doors

After 200 episodes, The Office is done, but its influence is all over comedy—and even reality TV

Does reality TV’s gold boom suggest an end to soaring prices?

Gold Rush fans may not want to change the channel just yet
Alana Thompson

Jodie Foster, Honey Boo Boo and Rebecca Black

Alana Thompson has earned her privacy, too bad the adults in her life don’t realize it
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Reality TV about housing makes a post-crash comeback

Networks are banking on a new cycle of housing shows
London Olympics

An Olympic identity crisis

What we crave is not an amateur athletics event. What we crave is a reality show
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Can’t get enough of compulsive hoarders

Shows from CSI to South Park are cashing in on our fascination with the disorder
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Stardom and politics

Comedians in Washington, politicians on TV—welcome to the new entertainment-political complex
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Will Jennifer Lopez be good for American Idol?

We need a new Simon. Bring on the condescending self-absorbed diva.