‘Real Hipsters of Vancouver’ reality television show issues casting call

Bust out the irony before casting is so over

Crack a can of Pabst Blue Ribbon and pull out your best high-rise acid-wash jeans, because a reality television pilot calling itself “Real Hipsters of Vancouver” is issuing a casting call.

Thank you Georgia Straight newspaper contributor Miranda Nelson for finding this little gem of an ad on Craigslist:

We are currently casting for a new reality test pilot “Real Hipsters of Vancouver”. Looking for hip, fun, attractive people under 40. Please send an audition tape under 5 min. Include your age, show us your personality. What makes you tick? What ticks you off? Where do you hang? Who do you hang with? etc. Tapes must be in by Monday March 18th 2013. Castings will take place at the end of March so don’t forget to give us your phone number!! Shooting will take place over the summer months. This is a paid job.

As anyone who has lived in, or visited, Vancouver can attest to, there are a few good hipster candidates in the city.

The Vancouver Sun reports that the show has received hundreds of audition videos and even offers of financial backing since creators Britt Irvin and Jesse Haddock posted their ad on Craigslist. Stand-out candidates so far, say Irving and Haddock, include a 24-year-old woman who is employed, but lives in her van by choice and a man who lists his occupation as “professional partier.”

And, if you’re still unsure about just what a hipster is, here’s a classic Youtube video from 2007 to get you started.

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