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How Canadians can help victims of Hurricane Harvey

From pet rescuers to agencies that assist the disabled, a constellation of services allow Canadians to pitch in

How is the Red Cross helping the victims of Fort McMurray?

From food and water to comfort and care, how the Red Cross is responding to the massive wildfire ravaging the Alberta city

Want to help Fort McMurray? Here’s how.

If you want your donation to have the maximum impact, follow these guidelines


The road to Spyhill

Economists have a sort of half-joke, inspired by Yale’s Joel Waldfogel, about the “deadweight loss of Christmas”. Every year we humans race around, spending, collectively, billions of dollars trying to find noncash items that other people in our lives will like. But we are less than perfect at intuiting the preferences of others, and it is the rare recipient who will value what he receives from everybody as much as he would what he could buy himself with the cash equivalent. The total worth of the gifts exchanged at Christmas thus inevitably ends up being smaller than the amount spent. Viewed this way—and it’s obviously not an unreasonable way—Christmas is a giant global potlatch, an orgy of value destruction.

TO GO WITH China-charity-Internet-RedCro

Maseratis and the Chinese Red Cross

A blogger’s posts lend credence to the belief the Chinese Red Cross is using donation money to pamper executives


Reading the documents: Notification, policy and concerns

The documents tabled last week can be viewed in their entirety here. Herein, a series of posts on some of the noteworthy files and disclosures contained therein.

Reward miles for charity

Loyalty programs are making it easy to donate unused points


Don’t cross the Red Cross

A comic pantomime production of Robin Hood in Glasgow allegedly violated the Geneva Conventions…


What might have been

Canadian Press delves into a proposed, but ultimately rejected, plan to put the Afghan army in charge of detainees.


What they were told, what we aren’t allowed to hear

The Star reports on a May 2007 memo warning government and military officials about the legal ramifications of detainee transfers. James Travers, meanwhile, posits an unsourced, but seemingly somehow informed, theory as to some of what the government is currently withholding.


Yes, we have a plan

Canada’s speedy response to the Haiti crisis was no accident


Phone it in

The Canadian Red Cross has now made it easier than ever to donate money to the Haitian earthquake relief effort. Following on the example of their U.S. cousins, the CRC today announced a mechanism for donating to relief efforts through mobile-phone text message.