The Case For Refugee Reception Centres

Asylum seekers are arriving in Canada in record numbers, sleeping in shelters, churches and sometimes on the street. Reception centres are a more humane approach. 

I fought with Canada. Now the government is leaving my family to be killed by the Taliban.

In their words, interpreters Hameed Khan and Ghulam Faizi discuss the harrowing battle to bring their families to safety following the fall of Kabul

What happens when asylum seekers cross the U.S.-Canada border

With asylum seekers still traveling north and crossing the border illegally, Krista Hessey explains what happens once they set foot on Canadian soil.

Cabinet discusses how to deal with asylum seekers

There are practical and political pressures being placed on the Liberal government by a rising number of asylum seekers in Canada


Deported refugee fears for his life in Liberia

Removed from Canada, Cindor Reeves worried that Liberian assassins would try to kill him. They are.

Germany’s real problem with refugees

While it may be ridiculous to criticize race, it is reasonable to criticize culture, writes Scott Gilmore

Prepare for a whole new refugee crisis in 2016

The defeat of ISIS will unleash a new flood of refugees just as nations try to seal their borders

Newsmakers 2015: Alan Kurdi, the boy on the beach

The heartbreaking image of three-year-old Alan Kurdi became the face of a wrenching global refugee crisis

Can the Liberals bring 25,000 Syrian refugees here by end of 2015?

John Geddes on Trudeau’s risky refugee promise

Bogus refugee claimant accused of murder

Maclean’s investigates how a repeat felon, ordered deported 10 years ago, managed to stay in Canada


At least 94 refugees dead after shipwreck off Itay’s coast

At least 94 African migrants who were attempting to reach Italy have died in a shipwreck off the Italian coast, according to reports Thursday.

Canada: the roma’s next stop?

Canada: the Roma’s next stop?

Hungary is now Canada’s top source for refugee claimants, but success rates are dropping