research funding

Aaron Visser and Nick Fellion working on human-computer interaction

Global science ranking results surprise

Universities from some provinces outperform in Leiden Ranking

Good science vs. bad science

How do you tell the difference? Science-ish has six red flags to watch for
snowy edmonton alberta

Why Alberta’s education system is better

The reasons may surprise you
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Poor little rich M.B.A.s

Should government funding go to lab coats or white collars?
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Minister ’disgusted’ over U of T thesis

Grad student calls Holocaust education `racist`
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UCalgary could lose $80 million in research funding

University scrambles to clean up its handling of federal research grants.
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New federal tax credit for graduates?

Finance committee sticks to economic role of universities--research "must be commercialized"

Pfizer exec’s appointment loopy

Fed’s latest choice for CIHR governing council in conflict of interest
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Small but smart

Why some schools don’t want a Big Five monopoly on research
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Why do Canadian scholars win so few awards?

At the top levels of international science research, Canada punches way below its weight, says U of T pres