Jason Kenney

What happened to Jason Kenney?

Stephen Maher on how the once serious Harper-era star became a provincial politician pitching an unserious referendum in Alberta
Canada map thumbnail

This beautiful map shows what Canada’s future looked like in 1955

We bought this 60-year-old Government of Canada map about the country’s most important resources, and then updated it
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Dambisa Moyo on resource scarcity, and China’s race for deals

Economist Dambisa Moyo in conversation with Brian Bethune
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Quality is declining, says professors’ group

But can we really blame inadequate funding?
Jean Charest

Jean Charest, prospector

The Quebec premier’s Plan Nord promises to transform Quebec—into Alberta
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Two charts you need to see about commodities and the housing market

All of Canada’s strengths are underpinned by the phenomenal commodity bull market
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Treasure island

Canada’s resource sector may be emerging in an unlikely place: Baffin Island